Xfincs is a consultancy firm specialised in the area where Sales, Marketing and Finance meet. 

We provide Business Consulting and Training Solutions.

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Business Consulting

Our consultants have on average 15 years of experience in Project Management and Business Analysis on medium and large project. 
They are clear communicators that can interact with stakeholders of all organizational levels.

Key Account Management Game

For Large Organizations with a team of Key Account Managers
Who are not satisfied with the quality of trainings their Managers receive
Our ‘Serious Business Game’ on Key Account Management
Is a Training Solution
That demonstrates how the most important theoretical models can be translated and applied in the real world of the KAM in a fun interactive manner
Unlike traditional KAM trainings
Our offer consists of
Proven models and theories
Trained and transmitted via a serious business game
It takes you on a journey that sticks

Check out our
Kam-Account-Management Game

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Our team exists of academically trained professionals with a solid business experience.
Depending on the mission, we have an extensive network of specialist we can involve in the projects or trainingprograms.

The two partners 
Specialised in Performance Management, Business Analysis and Project Management. Co-author in the handbook of Strategic Account Management.
The reference in Sales Management, Sales Evolution, Co-Creation. Author of several best-sellers on Salesmanagement and speaker on TEDx.

While companies and academics expend tremendous effort on mass marketing, they often overlook their immediate customers (which are critical in both senses) and hence the importance of strategic account management (SAM). This handbook is a compilation of papers that present researched knowledge of SAM across the academic community which fills a void in the existing academic literature. Handbook of Strategic Account Management identifies drivers of the SAM approach, key issues and success factors, operational needs and areas still awaiting exploration. Each paper includes an overall referenced summary of the tenets of SAM relevant to the area it reports, and together with the combined list of references, it creates an indispensable resource for academic readers, students, and researchers.

A groundbreaking book that identifies the current and future trends in sales, based on more than one hundred interviews with senior sales executives and sales experts from the corporate industry and academia across central Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

This book poses the question: What if there was a way that sales forces could help their organization to stay ahead of the competition and innovate? Many organizations featured in this book find ways to do just that. Learn more about their practices, methods, and how they prepare themselves for the future.

Includes a visual framework, cases, and tools to use in your own organization.

Professional Selling and Sales Management have become more complex and multifaceted than ever before, but also a more exciting and stimulating function and profession.

Sales Management provides a comprehensive introduction to selling and sales management. Packed full of insightful real-world case studies, the fully updated and revised fourth edition of this highly successful text includes new chapters on Defining and Implementing Sales Strategies and Key Account Management. The book features an increased emphasis on the practical approaches to Professional Selling and extensive up-to-date coverage of Motivation and Leadership of the Sales Force, Technology, Sales Training and Sales Performance.

Online Games

Our business games are interactive and competititive. This is the most natural ways to absorb new theories and to make the link with the day to day situations you experience in real life.